How to set all users to the same timezone and stop them from changing it
Heads up:  When a user goes into their user CP options and makes any type of change and saves, it removes the dstcorrection field from that user in the user table of the database or makes it 0.

Also, when a new user is created, the timezone and dst and dstcorrection fields are set to being blank (for timezone) or 0's (for dst and dstcorrection)

I was able to work around this by removing some lines of coding from the member.php, usercp, and inc/datahandlers/user.php files, but I don't feel I am qualified to actually list those code removals myself.  Just a heads up that such a step should be added to this tutorial.  I'm sure a more experienced coder/mybb staff member will know exactly what lines of code had to be removed from those files to make MyBB stop "overwriting" the database values with blanks and 0's.

Aside from that, great tutorial and this has been a big help as I was looking for a way to give my board a specific "board time" that is the same for everybody.  Smile

PS:  Once those changes are made, in my case I also had to follow these steps provided by .m. below:

(2014-09-22, 04:29 AM).m. Wrote: if you are using database manager like phpMyAdmin
browse to Structure of the users table, find timezone, click on change link of it and change Default to required offset (eg. +10 or -10)
if required, similar change can be done to dst & dstcorrection

^and that will make it so when a new user is created, the database automatically assigns them the timzone values you want a new user to have.

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