[LINUX] One-line MyBB download/extract-er
(2011-09-08, 07:31 PM)NewEraCracker Wrote:
(2011-04-25, 07:57 PM)Dylan M. Wrote: wget is available easily for Windoze too... too bad the full *NIX command line capabilities of BASH (or whatever your favorite shell is) and all the little utils we're using here (unzip, mv, rm, & chmod) aren't available for Windoze.

I use msysgit in windows.

It doesn't have wget but has curl Smile
And the curl command version does work Big Grin


Yeah, there are things you can add to windoze to get this support. In fact there is a native wget for windoze from the gnuwin32 project as well. Or you can install cygwin. But Windoze doesn't include this functionality OOB.

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