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[Tutorial] 10 Steps for Achieving the Maximum Possible Speed for Your MyBB Forum!
(2011-05-09, 06:11 AM)Renegader Wrote:
(2011-05-09, 04:33 AM)damoncloudflare Wrote: Hi Renegader,

Thanks for the CloudFlare mention! Two quick things:

1. We're not a full DDoS solution. While we can help mitigate some attacks, we will have to go direct to a site if the attack starts impacting other customers.
2. Don't forget we're also a CDN as well (caching static content automatically).

Appreciate the post on the mod...a fairly common issue that leads to confusion about IP addresses.

No problem Damon! (you're everywhere! I see you around heaps of forums and we've also talked through email!).

Thanks for for extra info, I've added it in the post. The reason why I use another CDN along with Cloudflare is that the CDN provides extra features such as being able to set robots.txt, specifying expires headers along with a few more things. Maybe you can consider doing something like that with Cloudflare, although only with paid customers? Smile


Yeah, I get aroundSmile

"specifying expires headers along"
We actually honor any expire headers you have set. But I think you're looking to do this via the CloudFlare interface in some way, correct?

Is this an issue of wanting to block bad bots? If so, one thing you can do is blacklist their IPs in your threat control panel (important to note that it would only block if going to a domain/subdomain we were proxying (orange cloud). I know that some international search engines are notorious for not following robots.txt.

Damon, CloudFlare Community
Tips for using MyBB with CloudFlare

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