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[Tutorial] 10 Steps for Achieving the Maximum Possible Speed for Your MyBB Forum!
(2011-05-17, 05:56 AM)Renegader Wrote:
(2011-05-17, 03:03 AM)lucasbytegenius Wrote: Wanted to share this with you as it's given me some very large improvements: http://blog.jcoglan.com/2007/05/02/compr...tion-code/

The idea is that you gzip individual large files (25+ KB for optimal results) which will then be loaded instead of the normal ones, decreasing page size. This requires no template edits whatsoever, just add that entry to your htaccess and go in the CPanel and make GZipped archives of individual files. The savings are huge.

The thing is, when you're using the CDN it is already compressed in the cache so I don't think it really would make much difference at all. Did it actually help the speed of your site, or?

Is this just for the MyBB JS files?

Thanks for the post, though! Smile

It's great for JS files and just about any large text file you're using on your server, as well as images if they haven't been compressed enough. I got done working on a site yesterday that had a 200 KB JS file which I compressed to around 70 KB using this method.

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