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[Tutorial] 10 Steps for Achieving the Maximum Possible Speed for Your MyBB Forum!
(2011-06-09, 06:39 AM)Renegader Wrote: Damon, I've had a huge chat with one of the CloudFlare staff about the issue I'm talking about, she admitted that it was a problem and forwarded it to the network admin or something. I'm not sure if this is fixed yet, but it was causing so many problems (like some people were not able to access my website at all, while some could... so it forced me to get rid of Cloudflare, I just didn't want to create a problem for others). Here's the thread: http://support.cloudflare.com/discussion...back-james

Everything you can possibly think of is in the ticket. Smile

Thanks. It looks like that particular site visitor issue was resolved (this is actually very rare; we've had a total of three cases where this happened & is generally an issue with an ISP).

I'm curious as to what the HostGator contact said, however, since we have a pretty good partnership with them (your response will also vary based on who you get at HostGator).

Thanks for letting me know what happened.

Damon, CloudFlare Community
Tips for using MyBB with CloudFlare

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RE: [Tutorial] 10 Steps for Achieving the Maximum Possible Speed for Your MyBB Forum! - by damoncloudflare - 2011-06-09, 06:45 AM

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