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[Tutorial] 10 Steps for Achieving the Maximum Possible Speed for Your MyBB Forum!
[quote='Renegader' pid='703313' dateline='1307602107']
Not really, in the ticket I also wrote that it happened to me and many others where the site was down for 10 minute intervals every few hours."

Understood. But this does appear to be fixed now.

One of the live people at HostGator said that CloudFlare isn't for everyone and can sometimes make your site slower (especially if it's a forum) because you have to lookup CF's domain as well the hostgator server or something.

Making people's site slower is actually not that common. The general cause of this *generally* has to do with sites/visitors being in locations where we don't have datacenters yet (located in Australia, for example). Other than that, most people actually see a general speed increase of 30-50% & things are pretty solid in places like Europe, Asia & The USA (we have multiple datacenters in each region).

Note: The reason I asked about the chat was that HG actually has some trained CloudFlare specialists that can take a deeper look at an issue. Hitting a rep on the front line that doesn't know about CloudFlare might cause some confusion because they don't understand the integration.

Thanks for sharing the info! Much appreciated.

Damon, CloudFlare Community
Tips for using MyBB with CloudFlare

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