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[Tutorial] 10 Steps for Achieving the Maximum Possible Speed for Your MyBB Forum!
I didn't read the other responses, but about the first post:
- minify CSS won't safe 1% on it's total size (GZiped) so it's about useless
- CDN will slow down a well done site, because establishing the conection to another server takes longer than that it takes to download a file thru the already open conection to your server. CDN is usefull if you're hosting a lot of images that you show within posts.

Important improvements you've missed:
- use sprites (combine all posible images in a single image). You can't use well repeating backgrounds in sprites, better inline them in the css using a data uri.
- configure your server to remove etags
- configure your server so images won't experire untill after a year. CSS and JS shouldn't expire during at least a weak.
- use cron jobs and remove the image task.php from the footer
- upload a favicon.ico to the domain root.

The first recomendation (sprites + data-uri), combined with joined javascripts and css files, implies that only 4 files have to be downloaded the first time a user visits your site (1 html/php + 1 js + 1cs + 1 png).
The server optimization asures that the browser won't check for updated scripts/images. That way it will only ask for a single file for every page it loads.

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