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Advertise 4 You - Join & Promote Your Forum
(2011-05-24, 12:07 PM)TheUninvited Wrote:
(2011-05-24, 08:38 AM)kavin Wrote: Try to add some new forums that other promotional forums doesn't provide.

Also consider removing the Tag cloud. It occupies a LOT of space.

Is there any way to minimize than remove the tag cloud?

and like wat should i rename the sections my friend?

May i know which plugin you used for those tags.

If its "Simple Tag Cloud Plugin" then alter "Tags on index, and Tags on Forums" options in ACP>>Configuration>>Simple TagCloud For MyBB.

And for the sections, you don't need to rename them, just create new forums with new ideas. Because Advertise Forums is a saturated niche, and you have to create new services to sustain in it.

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