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Please discuss MyBB 1.1.3 Released here.
Successfully applied. No problems. Smile Cheers Chris
Yeah..upgraded successfully
Upgrading now Smile
Edit: Done!
dont you also have to change in functions.php the line that says

$mybboard['vercode'] = "112";

because it doesnt say it on the manual
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yes it does...

1. functions.php

$mybboard['internalver'] = "1.1.2";
$mybboard['vercode'] = "112";

Replace with:
$mybboard['internalver'] = "1.1.3";
$mybboard['vercode'] = "113";
I have never seen a better explained or simple upgrade procedure. Thank you developers!
Done. Simple with no problems! Big Grin

If I post in your thread, please do not PM me for more help! Thanks!

Using 1.1.3 now Big Grin
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