Help! Need to convert from MyBB to e107's forum!
hups Wrote:ok! ok! forgett it!!!!!
you think mybb is the best !!!???????????????????????

but is only a forum that not so great.

i look in another suport !! for help here is only blablablabla

It's not that everyone here thinks MyBB is the best (but most here think it's Really Good at the very, very least) but it's the fact that the developers are here to improve MyBB, not e107.

Now if you were to start your discussion on a bridge to e107, you would have received a whole different set of responses.

The developers are busy people with real lives (and possibly secret identities Smile ) and their time is limited. And thankfully, they're putting some of that time into this project.

(And if you asked the Mambo folks for help converting your site over to e107, you'd get the same kind of response you did here.)

And I'm probably talking/typing to myself now....

silverwing Smile

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