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$0.02-$0.05/Click. 400k+/mo Pageviews.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I'm selling advertisements on my forum. We receive approximately 700-1000 unique hits on a daily basis, with 10,000-15,000 page views daily. The forum link is:

Payments work on a monthly basis, and I'm selling around 6 spots.

Logo Advertisement: 500x70 (Floating right to the logo). - $35/mo. Around 700 monthly clicks. $0.05c/Click!

Header Advertisement: 728x90 (Below Google Ad). - $25/mo. Around 500 monthly clicks. $0.05c/Click!

Header Text Advertisement: Text Advertisement (Above Google Ads). - $5/mo. Around 100 monthly clicks. $0.05c/Click!

Footer Advertisement: 728x90 (Below Google Ad). - $15/mo. Around 200-300 monthly clicks. $0.05c/Click!

Postbit Advertisement: 728x90 (Below Google Ad - Beneath every first post, 4th post, 7th post and 10th post) - $20/mo. Around 400 monthly clicks. $0.05c/Click!

Quick Reply Advertisement: 400x60 (Next to every quick reply box) - $15/mo. Around 300-400 monthly clicks. $0.0375c/Click! - BELOW Advertisement - $12.50/mo.

Index Advertisement: 200x200 (On the index page) - $10/mo. Around 200 monthly clicks. $0.05c/Click!

Mass Mail Advertisement: 500x200 (Every mass mail - 3-4 sent monthly) - $60/mo. Around 2,000-4,000 monthly clicks. $0.02c/Click!

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$0.02-$0.05/Click. 400k+/mo Pageviews. - by Riad C. - 2011-06-26, 10:54 AM

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