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[Paying] Update of Achievements
(2011-07-31, 02:06 PM)Fluid Mantis Wrote: Actually, I've already talked to Pirata about this. I also want the achievements plugin updating. I let a friend of mine who is a professional programmer take a look at the code on MY computer (I haven't given the plugin to him, and he doesn't care about MyBB) and he said it's (no offence to Pirata, I love your plugins) pretty badly coded with no helpful comments to help understand it.

Pirata agreed that he'd let me hire someone to update it as long as the plugin developer buys the plugin—i.e. I would pay the person who updates the plugin for the plugin license as well. I also want some changes making to the plugin, so I might be willing to go half and half with you on this, Dead Soul.

Can you please tell me how bad coded something is when it contains no comments? Since when do comments affect the code? Your friend seems to know not much about coding because this plugin is one of the plugins that took me the longer to code especially because it had to be very well written in order to minimize any performance issues caused by its complexity.

By the way, I have time now if you wish. Just drop me a message.
All my plugins are available for free at MyBB Extend and on my GitHub. has been closed and none of my plugins are officially maintained or supported.

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