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The End
IMPAQ Wrote:eh, needs some work, but nice to see you actually put some time into it. *props*

Thanks, everyday I try to find new things to add to it.

FeeferGross Wrote:Not to toot my horn or anything, but I am good graphicly and am always looking to add to my portfolio. Maybe we could work out some kind of compensation, if not monetarily (money)

I've already got something worked out, graphically.

If you like my site, please register. I would like to see it take off after working so hard on it! Smile
Major Changes

I have done several changes to this site.

  1. The infamous HP / MP / EXP Mod
  2. Various RPG Stuff, like RPG Profile, Inventory Shop, and other stuff
  3. Clans that you may join to roleplay battle other members of other clans.
  4. Forums to participate in Roleplays and Roleplay Battles with other people (not Clans)
  5. I have customized the MyBB Portal to act as a CMS System.

I've probably done some other stuff but I've just forgotten. Toungue

So check it out, please? Big Grin
Do NOT PM me for Support!

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