Wich host for a big big forum community?
(2011-07-26, 03:48 PM)helpmybb Wrote: What about A2 and Hostgator?

I looked ShockingHost but honestly does not give me this feeling of security that gives me Hostgator and A2 (where I have already Domains and services). In particular, the features of the VPS does not seem clear:
-wich CPU have the server?
-wich control method have the server? i like work with Cpanel for example
-wich other info have the server?
CPU of the node is dual quad core (8 cores @ 2.4GHz)
The VPS is all managed via the SOlusVM control panel. cPanel is for managing shared and reseller accounts not VPS. cPanel will be instaleld by our staff for free if its purchased during signup Smile
Any other info you need, I recommend you open a ticket with us, or PM me.

Thanks for the review to Morsecode.

I just like to say, even if you don't go with ShockingHost do NOT go with a big webhost. They oversell big time, and besides, how can a webhost with 20,000 clients or more provide good support? How can they interact with their clients and know what their clients want?
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