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Looking For: (PHP/MySQL/Java) Developer
I'm looking for a fairly well experienced developer to develop something really big.

As for what I'm willing to pay, we're in the thousands range.

If you're interested, please provide me with a background of your work.

I will be looking for full ownership rights of the developed work, pretty much exclusive rights to it, I want this Developer to continue to support what we create going forward including creating upgrades (Paid of course).

But should the Developer become unavailable to support or upgrade the developed software, I have a right to find someone else to further the development.

Yaldaram is best.
I'd seriously recommend looking on proper developer sites if the project is as big as this Smile DevShed is a good place to look apparently.
I'm unsure about proper developer's sites.
Because I do want this in plugin form.

I'll give Yaldaram a message.

Thanks guys.
Try Pirata. I heard good things about his custom work and I love all of his plugins and never had a problem with any. I believe if I remember correctly that he works for $9/hr.
Ah right, makes sense if it's for a plugin. I'd advise contacting Pirata Nervo too - his work is always of a top quality.

EDIT: Beaten to it.

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