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Military !
Ok here is new mybb installation. I find out about mybb long ago but when using it I found it not so good couple of months ago. Full of bugs and security risks etc.... Now I see new versions coming out at good pace and some bugs dissapeared so I thought I give it a chance and see Big Grin

Big Thanks to mybb developer for great software and willow for his theme. He is nice guy and I contacted him and we agreed on some compensations so I can take off his copyrights. He is very nice I might add again.

So here it is :

Forum is still empty but I am getting posting service next week to make some activity Big Grin hehe

Any comments are welcome

I forgot ... status Icons are from OrangeIce skin and If the owner wants some credit for this please post it here and we will arrange something very good for you Big Grin
You modified the MyBB copyright in your footer. That is not allowed. See this thread for further information:
[Image: donation_drive_sig.png]
Ok I don't want to rant but how come my forum and content is copyrighted by MyBB ? This is the statement that that copyright gives you that everything there is copyrighted by mybb.

Oh and yes I will put it back without doubt I am just interested in this !
Copyright is back although I left Powered by MyBB earlier Big Grin ... please check it out if now this comply to license ?

The code is copyrighted by MyBB, so what you see is copyrighted by MyBB.
Well Content cannot be copyrighted by MyBB don't you think!

Anyway I changed this way so everything is clear !

Forum Software Powered and Copyrighted By MyBB Group
Well I think that now it is good as it is. Maybe if the owner comes around and check and tell if it is ok or not.
Ok total redesign here hehe ... Check it out and flame me Big Grin

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