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Looking for a Custom MyBB Theme Designer
I am currently on the lookout for a custom mybb theme designer for my graphics forum. I would like the forum to have a unique and appealing look to it as it is a gfx forum. The theme should include a custom image set, psd files, and a unique banner.

If you are interested in doing this, please PM me or post here with the template below.

[b]Price for custom theme:[/b]
[b]Previous Work:[/b]

For those who are curious, yes, this is for
[Image: jgfx.png]

Aspiring Web Developer
How much do themes start at if I may ask?
[Image: jgfx.png]

Usally about 30dollars
Aspiring Web Developer
I asked Sukanjan 2 weeks ago for the price of a custom (because yes, his designs are really good), and he told me that his designs start at 35.00, which I think it's a fairly good price.

IMO 50.00 it's a good base to have a nice looking theme, with some touch of js
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Feel free to drop me a PM.

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