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[HIRING/PAID] Article/tutorial writer(s)

I'm looking for article writers, this is a paid position and you must meet the following requirements if you want to apply:
* Excellent English (native speak - your articles must have 0% grammatical errors)
* Advanced MyBB user (programming experience not required)
* Owns at least a forum
* Can format the articles (add html tags)
* Will SELL the copyrights to me and will won't publish the articles anywhere else
- This doesn't mean that I will claim YOUR work mine, you will receive credit (your name will be displayed as the author of the article)
* Articles must be 100% unique and error free
* If you can include video in some of your tutorials that would be a huge extra

Before this topic gets closed: Many of the articles will be about MyBB (tutorials, tricks & tips).

So.. you must write articles about nearly anything related to forums and MyBB. If you create a tutorial you must include high quality images (you will be able to upload these to my server).

The articles will be published on a custom interface which is under construction at the moment.

Please reply here if you want to apply, tell me your rates /word (x,xxx$/word) and give me references to your tutorials OR write an 150 word article about anything you wish (related to forums). I will consider at least one request but if more talented people apply I can of course hire more. This is a long term job, the same people will be able to write tutorials for my upcoming websites and I expect around 3-4 quality articles per week, you will get paid accordingly plus extra if your articles are high quality and detailed.

I'm a serious guy, please come with serious offers only. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
(2011-07-31, 10:56 PM)PJGIH Wrote: Interested.


Thanks for applying. Could you please send me some references or that test article? (if you have any references you don't have to do that however I must tests your skills).
BUMP! No one is interested in this offer? I've seen posters posting for 0,02$, in this offer you could earn 0,0075$ word and still no one is interested. Am I paying too less or you guys are too lazy?Toungue
Are you referring to my topic? Toungue I'll get back to you on this.
What happened to me agreeing to do this a long time ago?? You never replied back with what you needed written.
(2011-08-02, 06:55 AM)pyridine Wrote: What happened to me agreeing to do this a long time ago?? You never replied back with what you needed written.

I will contact you right now, I have received like 300PMs in the last 3 months so it's hard to keep track, I'm sorry but yes, you're on the list if you're interested.

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