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[For 1.6] GMail Sanitizer
I got tired of manually going through my users to find those spammers that use those GMail tricks to register multiple accounts under the same GMail address. Because it technically changes the email address, it lets them slip by the normal MyBB email checker.

What this plugin does is it filters out the extra stuff before comparing it to all of the other GMail addresses, so that [email protected] can't be registered if an address like [email protected] is already in use.

The only other thing on my to do list for sure is checking the sanitized version of the gmail against the banned email list.

You can find the plugin here.

For those that don't know the GMail tricks, you can use '.' characters willy-nilly in your GMail address, and everything after a '+' gets treated like a label for any emails sent to that variation of the address. For example, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] are all the same account, and that last one labels all emails sent to it with the label "er."
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