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Shopping for an Answer

I am trying to promote serious activity onmy forum with valuable knowledge and at the same time make money.

Also wish to share the money with everyone enriching the forum and participating in it.

The following is my an idea and wish to know if is is possible and how.

- A member on the forum can buy credit or points.
- There is no limit to how much a member can buy.
- A percentage is discounted from this credit to the forum owner.
- when the member creates a thread (question) he have the option to assign a value subtracted from his credit so he can encourage people to answer his question.
- only the moderator or administrator can refund this credit if no answer was given.
- Whenever the question is answered the member can grant either all the credit assigned to this question or part of it to whomever give the correct answer (this might be for more than one member in the thread).
- The payment must be through paypal

This is a rough draft of the idea and I am open for suggestions or alternatives.

Thank you
there are many FREE forums AND sites for questions & answers. why would one join your forum by paying ...
Joining and participating is open and free
It's an option for members
(2011-08-05, 03:18 PM)oko0k Wrote: Joining and participating is open and free
It's an option for members

Well, you still haven't answered why people will buy points.
It's an option also it will encourage perticipation
Let me spice it up a lettel

I am welling to pay for developing this mod

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