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Not Solved [Security] Damn Spammers
Not Solved
Hey everyone, I have MyBB forums running on my website. On the latest release (1.6.4) and im having an issue with a HEAP of spam bots signing up. Im getting about 2-5 signing up a day.

I had capatcha enabled, so i loaded the recapatacha plug in and have also setup akismet but still the same thing. Anyone have any idea how i can stop this? Its really starting to orange me.

thanks for any help on the matter Smile
Not Solved
Set Email Verification On.
Not Solved
Not Solved
Edit : not seen faviouz's above response Smile

use registration security question plugin AND put smart questions to prevent bots ...
Not Solved
thanks for all the help faviouz and ranjani. will try it out and see how i go Big Grin
Not Solved
Install Sequrity Question plugin.
Not Solved

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