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xiao Wrote:announcing what the bugs are and how you can exploit them is the dumbest thing you can do
The hackers would probably find out what they were anyway through another means - but the announcement doesn't say how to exploit them, it just says what the exploit is.
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makpaolo Wrote:for Eurobeat and andylkl, i register in your forum because have signalled problems with your forums, and I exclusively wanted to see if you could be for the problem signalled to chris and resolved with the 1.1.5.

I would not certainly use my nick if I wanted to create problems Big Grin
Big Grin

sorry for my English Rolleyes
Gee! I promptly removed you from the database Smile I am sorry. I thought you might be an imposter. Bad me!

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hmmm, i just want to be sure but in the 1.1.5 version of functions post is
	if(strpos($url, "www.") === 0)
		$fullurl = "http://".$fullurl;
	if(strpos($url, "ftp.") === 0)
		$fullurl = "ftp://".$fullurl;
    if(strpos($fullurl, "://") === false)
        $fullurl = "http://".$fullurl;

removed and simply replaced by

	if(!preg_match("#[a-z0-9]+://#i", $fullurl))
		$fullurl = "http://".$fullurl;

thanks chris. Smile

btw, im not sure.. may have been tired, but wasn't there a 1.1.6 the other day?

i checked like on.. um.. thursday and 1.1.5 only had a couple of files in it and then 1.1.6 appeared and had even more fixes.

maybe i was just tired.
Thanks for the quick updates for when there are security holes Smile
1.1.6 never existed, squall
strange... must've been a vivid dream or somethin...
Has every single problem reported about the myBB 1.1.5 release been fixed yet? Before I upgrade, I want to be sure everythings fine so theres no hassle. Upgrading is scary for me because I'm afraid I might screw up and do irreversable damage so I try to avoid it as much as possible. Any tips anybody can give me about the whole thing?
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