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1$ service?
Hey guys, is there anything i can do for you, for 1$. I'm down by 1$ for a game and ye lol. So forum posting maby? :]
hmm., (deleted comment on a second thought..)
I'm lost?
Do you have any examples of previous work or what you offer?
<snip - "too big"> despite many sigs on here being much larger and approved - sort it out instead of removing sigs without warning
i m interested in forum posting.. How many post you can do for 1$.. Can you post in webmaster/programming/seo forums?

Guide to bank accounts, credit cards and investments.
What about a service for the $1.80 I gave you? Smile
PM me your paypal. I'll send you the $1 for free
Its alright i got the money, thanks anyway awptimus ! Big Grin

This thread can get clsoed now.
MyBB community = nicest <snip> people ever.
(2011-08-10, 07:13 AM)Camgaertner Wrote: MyBB community = nicest <snip> people ever.

Please watch the language.

@OP: Closing this on request, however, fyi, this sort of threads are not allowed, count yourself lucky no staff came across this thread or it would not have gone this far.

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