[TUT] Theme CSS Not Showing - Fix
This is my first tutorial that I have posted on this forum, hopefully it will be okay.

Anyway, have you ever had a theme that has no CSS showing? Or accidentally deleted your cache folder? This is a tutorial on how to fix it.

[Image: 24x42f9.jpg]

Step 1:

The first thing you want to do, is open up an FTP client, such as Filezilla. Connect to your website's FTP, and get into your mybb root directory.

When There is a /cache/ folder:

Since you already have a cache folder, you should have a /themes/ folder. Delete that folder, and everything inside of it.

Now, recreate the /themes/ folder inside of the ./cache/ folder, and chmod it 777. You can now move on to step 2.

When there is NO /cache/ folder:

If there is no cache folder, then create a /cache/ folder. Chmod it to 777, and then create a /themes/ folder inside of that. Chmod that to 777. Now, go on to the next step.

Step 2:

Now, go to the Admin CP of your forum, and go to the following location:

Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> Themes -> Your Theme -> global.css

[Image: 2ztm7iu.jpg]

Now, click "Save Changes" and refresh your forum. Your forum should be back to normal.

If you have any questions / run into problems, just leave a reply.

Hope this helps! Smile.
- Nishimi Cool [I'm back to MyBB, woot!]
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How do i recreate the folder?
Depends on what FTP client you are using. If you are using Filezilla, you can right click and click "Create Directory".

There should be a create folder/create directory option somewhere on your FTP client.
- Nishimi Cool [I'm back to MyBB, woot!]
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How do you create the contents inside the themes folder.
You don't need to. Once you have created the /themes/ folder inside of the cache folder, and chmod it to 777, all you have to do is re-save the global.css of your default theme.

Hope this helps! Smile.
- Nishimi Cool [I'm back to MyBB, woot!]
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if i delete /cache/themes/ altogether and don't re-create it, then re-save global.css, forum is back to normal

if i re-create /cache/themes/ and even if i chmod to 777 and re-save global.css, forum breaks again

its because the sub-dir and global.css permissions aren't updated either

all of the following permissions MUST be set:

/cache/ - 777
/cache/themes/ - 777
/cache/themes/theme3/ - 777
/cache/themes/theme3/global.css - 644
My cache folder was already showing, so I did as you mentioned in the first part of step 1. This however didn't work. I then deleted the cache folder and recreated it along with the themes folder inside it and this is what resolved the issue. Thanks!
I deleted the global.css file created a new one and copied the contents of the global.css from admin cp and saved and it fixed!
This is happening to me...


I've tried all of these suggestions and am coming up short. Any advice? I can't even log in to admin, none of the links work on my site anymore. Sorry for the multiple posts... just trying to find a solution. Thanks much.

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