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Not Solved Bug?²
Not Solved
I have to edit a section, it asks me this:
[Image: semttulowjq.jpg]
be any way to resolve?
New forum!
The sections are still deciding, but they can enjoy and live!
Please, register in!
Not Solved
One table is missing in ur sql database ( A new way of Mybb)
Not Solved
it cannot be a bug - might be corrupt file(s) in admin directory / corrupt database tables
needs to be analyzed by an expert ..
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Any weird plugins? MY_TABLE_PREFIX does not occur anywhere in MyBB's sourcecode.
Not Solved
What plugins you've installed ?
Not Solved
Do you have My Plaza or something?? Some of Pirata Nervo's plugins use this.
MyReactions - All Plugins

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