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Exclusive Announcement System
I was recently in a situation where I wanted to announce two different news on two different forums. The inbuilt announcement system doesn't show it automatically while MM's solution does the job but that is global. Opening a new Sticky Thread for the purpose looks very outdated to me.

Won't it be nice to have an Exclusive Announcement System for every forum you creat so that if you want to say something related to a certain forum, it is visible only there and other boards are not bothered.

It could be like Forum Description System but only to appear inside the forum after/before the breadcrumb and is always available to be turned On or Off in Forum Edit option for Admin.
I may be wrong, but that\'s how I learn :~)
Um, doesn't this exsist. Let me get his straight:

You want the ability to add and show an annoucment in only one forum, not all of them (global).

If so, you can do this: Admin CP > Forum Management > Forum Announcements > Add an annoumcement to a forum with "o" as its bullet point.

Not exactly k776. This sort of annoucment is just like a Sticky Thread which is widely used but quite old. It requires a user to open that thread while what I am suggesting, shows you the news right on the top.

You might have seen MM's announcment mod or the inbuilt announcement block of mybb when you shut down your board. I am talking abou that sort of an annoucment block which will also address your problem of news being looking like other stuff on the forum and getting lost in the crowd.
I may be wrong, but that\'s how I learn :~)

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