How to make user style links have different hover effecs
(2011-08-15, 09:22 PM)Claire Wrote:
(2011-08-15, 07:04 PM)Camgaertner Wrote:
(2011-08-15, 10:50 AM)Claire Wrote: And not to be "That guy", but doesn't w3Schools teach this in principle on their CSS tutorial? So....It's kind of common knowledge. So why consider it a tutorial? What does it teach the Mybb User about the software and how it can be manipulated to benefit their needs within the LGPL license?

It teaches the Mybb User how to give hover effects for the user styles within the user style.

Knowing how to give a hover effect should be common knowledge when it comes to knowing CSS, it really doesn't show us anything new about the software that we can utilize to our own advantages.
A lot of things in the tutorial section should be common knowledge about it when it comes to <insert language here>. Perhaps you can tell the creators of these tutorials as well.

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