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Not Solved No quotes after upgrade...
Not Solved
I recently upgraded to 1.6.4 and am using the default template - since the upgrade the quote buttons on showthread (both the 'reply to' and +/- stack quoting) are not working. When you click them, it goes to newreply with a blank message window.

I searched here and can not find this problem reported so obviously not a bug...... If this is corrupted files, am i better off to do a complete re-install or can i just replace indv. files?

Thanks for any help - Russ
Not Solved
Can we have a board URL and test account?
Not Solved

User: testlog
Pass: same as user name

If someone could just point me in the direction of where to look for a possible problem, that would be great. Can i just upload a fresh copy of either the showthread.php or newreply.php... or both? possibly barking up the wrong tree with where i am looking tho. Undecided

w/o posting a new thread - i have one other 'off this topic' question. Had some spammers link to a few threads and spike the view numbers up. Can i manually change back the view count to a more realistic number?

Thanks - Russ
Not Solved
I honestly can't figure out what's wrong, that's really weird. Hopefully support staff can help you out.
Not Solved
pyridine - Thanks for looking into it. Smile

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