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Gabriel's Hounds Tiberian Sun Clan Forum
Me and friend decided to start a Command And Conquer Tiberian Sun Clan with a message board.

This is what came out:

It will feature several more modifications as the time comes.

It also features the theme "Clarity" by 2$CoMpLiCaTeD$4u. Who I am a big fan of. Smile

Feel free to come and check it out, especially anyone who plays this game online. Wink
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The forum looks great, me wish i had that skin Sad
[Image: logo.png]
Download it here then. Smile
Hmmm... is it down at the moment? Cannot connect.
I got it to load just fine. :/
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I have never played Tiberian Sun but I love Red Alert and Generals. Cool

I am also looking forward to Tiberium Wars next year. Big Grin
I've only played TS and RA.
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Played them all so far except for the original C&C lol!

Got the Firestorm expansion pack?

Yes indeed. Smile
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