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Today, I will review my forum Big Grin
Big Grin
As same as
this site will share someones plugin about editor, newspage ...Confused

Share amounts of knowledge that I learned ever (quite useful for newbie).
In addition to web pages and share the tricks of learning, programming languages ​​C + +, php, delphi, game, ...

I hope people help me build a land literally make it better...

Forum MyBB VietNamese
mybb's vietnamese
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Removed theme copyright. Bye.
I think you see my forum look like Apart skin Apart Sky. But

I just refer to it, but the core of the skin actually inspired the AEF's default skin.
Rather I rely on two skin to repair not get the original skin of Justin S. But I also think I was wrong to delete the entire copyright of the original skin: (. I will add the devloped from Apart. And the link to the page of justin Smile
Forum MyBB VietNamese
mybb's vietnamese
Avast says no.
Why is Justin's copyright linking to Creative Commons instead of Belloman design?
Copyright The Language Default Inappropriate Use With English Language But If It's True Home Copyright Theme
UnOfficials MyBB Community :
because ->
I think I will create my theme start at zero! :ar!
I used unikey (viet name input method) when coding -> sometimes have bugs.
PS: hope the new skin will not experience the same situation like this idea. developed now!!!
Forum MyBB VietNamese
mybb's vietnamese
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