MyBB vs XenForo
It's working fairly well, sure. I do believe there's an outstanding issue with IPv6 support though that's been around for a pretty long time. MyBB isn't perfect on that front either but we are actively working on a fix.
The support and the way XF is run really lets them down. I hope they come through the lawsuits unscathed and can continue onwards though, because I'm personally a fan of their software.
I think even if XF will fail, they'll simply create new software and name it something else.
I think I can agree there, just because it seems to be their passion, and something they know can bring in income.
I like MyBB layouts more than Xenforo.
[Image: 2hwzdl4.jpg]
I too love mybb and eagerly waiting for mybb 2.0

Its first forum software I started working and learning. Now I have my own forum on mybb. As it also has chit chat section.
And my members need a libe thread which dnt need a refresh everytime.

So we are lagging members, but now I saw XF its responsive and habe new features, which I think mybb 2.0 may also have those features. But when it gonna release, how much more time we have to wait for it, its still a question....

Too XF has a live thread functionality (addon) so my team decided to head to XF, but as of we are students cant just afford that much with ease.

But its not about ease we really love mybb, its simple and efficient and great.

But still confused may we head to XF or not Huh

Any idea Lightbulb
I am sure you got a lot of feedback about this. Also, posting on Mybb asking this is kind of bias as everyone are members. However, I would agree by going with Mybb. 

First of all, you want to ensure you have good web host and a domain name which costs money. If you go with Xenforo you need more money. Same goes with IPboard and Vbulletin. I would say go for free forum software. This would be like SMF, PHPBB, Mybb, etc...

I always wanted to make a forum, but never knew what to focus on (until recently). I think PHPBB is too complex, but does have a great support team. I think Mybb is coming around. I like it as it is simple in the Admin panel and more sleek. SMF never did it for me.
Mybb is more simple and great, phpBB though confusing. SMF I never tried that.

In Paid I think the old vb staff left and vb losses its charm somewhat I oersonally dont like vb 5 that much when compared with XenForo. I never tried IPB, though WBB also is not very much good what I tried in demo.

Mybb is always my first choice, but the question is that I need live plugin but if pay it for that now the for the great 2.0 mybb, have to pay again for development as 2.0 is starting from the base and is e girely diffrent from other mybb versions.

I too cant let my traffic down Sad
Once Xthreads is updated for version 2 then i will migrate, not before Toungue

version 2 wont be stable for a while

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