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Polar Host - Reliable P4Hosting
Still think you could use a bit more forums.

Look how many sitefrost has =P
Oh, okay. Any suggestions as to what forums? Smile
I also vouch for Polar-host; never had any downtime with them.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Thanks, PJGIH. Smile
Get your own reseller!

> Click Me
No problem, hope to see you around. Smile

Quote:Below are some examples of what can be advertised here:

(2) MyBB specific hosting or Multiforum style hosting which offers MyBB support

Advertising the following is explicitly prohibited:

We believe the following products are better advertised through other services such as eBay, Flippa or Digital Point forums.
Web hosting which does not meet the conditions of point (2)

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