Auto generated PM for access to specific sub forum
I want to set up an auto PM to members trying to post to restricted sub forum. Once approved they are free to post without further auto moderation. I just want them to agree to the terms before posting. Is there a way to do this?
I'm not sure I quite understand your needs.

You need a plugin which forces a user to agree to "terms" for specific forums. Once the user clicks the "agree" button, they will receive a private message confirming their acceptance of the terms, and they can then post in that forum?
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Spencer thanks for the reply. Here is what I want to do.

We have and Advanced section of our forum. Anyone looking to post in there will need to agree to terms.

1. A user tries to start a thread in that section or post a reply for the first time.
2. A auto generated PM will be sent to the user asking to agree to terms.
3. User agrees to terms and then can use that particular part of the forum unobstructed.

This is a one time PM unless they dont agree and try to post in that particular section again, in which the process starts all over again.
Thank you
Okay, so when they visit the specified forum, it'll give them an error saying "please read the automated private message that was just sent to your private messaging inbox (allow a few minutes to process)."

Do you want the body of the private message to contain a generated link which the user clicks to go to the terms page and agree; and have the link expire after x amount of time?
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Hi Spencer,

I'm another admin with 'Onarock' on the same forum. I think that might work...I'm not sure if it's necessary to expire, it could, but it can also just remain in their PM inbox until they agree to the terms; in which they can then post from there on out.

I agree with soyusae, it doesnt need to expire.
I've began writing the plugin...I'll try to finish it within the next few days.
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Thank you Spencer....Awesome!
Great! Thank you, Spencer.

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