Changing your text copyright into an image
You need usemap if your gonna use the map tag Rolleyes

btw for proper xhtml you should close the img. like
<img src=""  border="0" usemap="#copyright" title="Copyright" alt="Copypright" [b]/[/b]>
And the map tag needs an id attribute Smile
And area needs to be closed aswell as have an alt attribute Smile
Don't get me started on what the W3C calls "proper" html. That's a whole other thread Smile
xhtml is something totally different then html, html you can do anything, since MyBB is proper xhtml I think any mods that gets add to it should be it aswell.
What W3C calls "proper" html? they made it 0o
Well, you're right, I agree that since MyBB is proper xhtml then it's mods should be too. I'll make those corrections later then.

I know the W3C acts like they invented html, but no, they didn't. They simply regulate it and, imho, they do an exceedingly crappy job of it. Again, this is really an issue for a seperate thread. I don't want to clog this one up with a debate about the W3C.
The Chairman of W3C is...Tim Berners-Lee.

If you didn't already know, Tim Berners-Lee was the guy who basically "invented the World Wide Web", and his team wrote the first HTML language, and the further XHTML languages.

So yes, the W3C did invent HTML...and they regulate it as well, just as the guys at invented and regulate php Toungue

For more info: and are good starting points Toungue

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