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Not Solved Unable to upload files (Attachments) as Admin
Not Solved

I have searched for documentation and posts but can't find any assistance to my issue. I hope you can help me.

MyBB: V1.6.4


Problem: As Administrator, I am unable to upload any files to my site forum. I have also tried as a User and it does not work either. I have set all privilages to allow file uploads but I still can't upload. On each page at the bottom where you would typically upload files, it says;

You are currently using N/A of your allocated attachment usage (Unlimited) [View My Attachments]

New Attachment: Browse Update Attachment Add Attachment

No matter what I do, I am still unable to upload anything. I have tried it here on this site, it works fine.. I tried it on my friends site (who turned me on you MyBB) it works fine.

I'm hoping I have just missed something simple and you can help me (Please).

Grumpy Bass (John L)
Not Solved
Are your FTP details definitely correct?
Not Solved
Checking now.. I'm not sure where to set them is my problem (I'm sorry, I know I should know more but I'm learning and a friend who has MyBB set it up for me).

Grumpy Bass
Not Solved
OK no problem, what FTP client are you using? e.g. Filezilla, SmartFTP etc.
Not Solved
He means attachments.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Not Solved
Correct PJGIH... I can FTP to my server fine, it's adding attachments to posts that can not be done.

Any help?
Not Solved
Oh sorry, misread your post haha.

What happens when you try and add an attachment?

Not Solved
The system acts like it's adding it but nothing loads. It lets me select the document I want to attach. The system even shows "update attachment" at the bottom afterwards like it thinks its there... but nothing.

Not Solved
What is the size of the file you're trying to upload?
Oh, and test account?
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Not Solved
I have the system set to accept 2mb .PDF files, the one I'm trying to attach is 15kb (nothing)

Sorry, but when you ask test account, do you want me to setup a test user and give you that? Please use;
login: grumpytest1
Pass: password

Please note: I have Community documents privilages set to View only. If you want to test, please use the Community Forum page.

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