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MyBB Resource site
thankyou, i dont think anyone can have a succesfull site unless they come up with a brilliant idea for one, or put alot of money into it, ive made countless amounts of forum and i just like running them and seeing how they go, not to fussed if it becomes a realy popular place to be
What about you still make webmasters corner and try to get it full of posts and you advertise mybb a lot in there and get webmasters to use mybb, then they will sure use your adminstop for modifications, themes etc... Wink
yer thats what were trying to do, the site is doing weird things though lol
I, personally, think you should've left all of the old forums and just added the MyBB ones.

You probably just lost a lot of members by deleting all of the old posts. Toungue
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you cant lose members that never came back Wink PS all the members are still there just the forums are different
I know they were still there but what I meant was that if they come and realize that they would have to repost a lot of stuff then they would just plainly leave.

But I see you've changed back now, and I say it's for the better. Your site is good, it just requires patience to get the activity you want. Smile

I've been through about 20 sites in the past 4 years. And almost all of them went down the drain because I didn't have enough patience.

So, really, patince is the key to a great site. Smile

Unique content is also a plus, put stuff up they wouldn't find nowhere else.
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ok weve re-opened the site, hope to see some of you there.

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