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Not Solved [Error Message] Mybb login Issue with Chrome (Ubunutu 11.04)
Not Solved
Hey All,

I have got my self a dedicated server and i thought il stick a mybb forum on there.

Installed as normal (experienced) i have installed many times. But new issue before installing on this ubuntu dedi i used centos and web hosts. Any issues before would be due to cookies or domain troubles but i believe its something else.

I have installed Apache2 & PHP5.

I believe it might be missing a PHP module im not 100% sure so thats why i have came here.

The only other thing which concerns me is that if i use any other browser which is not google chrome it works. I can't explain that. I have tried the login/logout guide but thats not fixing it and i use ccleaner to remove any cookies or saved data.

Would be great if you can help guys.

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