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Beta Release : FantasyBlue Mybb Theme[MyFavourite design]
(08-26-2011, 08:40 AM)Aghora Wrote:
(08-26-2011, 08:34 AM)envira Wrote: Its damn ugly and thead and back ground are taken from "Dynaxel".
Use your gradients,not the ones made by others.

Added we will teach you how to make themes but only if u r good with us.

Try respecting your seniors.
We know u Ravi though u changed your username.

We wish u all the best.
Be a good guy.

I'm sorry i dont understand what you are talking.I never know a site called as Dynaxel until you stated in this thread.
Sorry did i misbehave with any people ? I guess this is my first thread on this forum.
Meanwhile Im not ravi whom you are talking about ....I guess you are speaking about the person who is my website partner (an indian) not sure whether his name is ravi or not.
Thanks for the comment anyways.

Huh. Your website has only two admin accounts. One is named Aghora and other is Julian (who had never posted). Seeing Julian isn't an Indian name and kiranchandra won't probably use it, we have to come to conclusion that Aghora is kiranchandra.
And your theme footer also says this "Theme Designed by KiranChandra Ch" while you claim you did the theme.

And moreover in this very topic you have contradicting sentences.
You said "Meanwhile Im not ravi whom you are talking about" and on second sentence you said "I guess you are speaking about the person who is my website partner (an indian) not sure whether his name is ravi or not".

Well, nobody in this topic said the name ravi. You yourself said you are not ravi and again said you don't even know his name and you only assume his name is ravi after we say. But the fact is we never said the name ravi.

Its nothing wrong now kiran, try to be good atleast this time. But know that MyBB members aren't fools to believe you.
Its ok if u dont accept it.but your conscience says the truth.
Its kiran chandra Ch not Ravi.

Your site has sections of ripping themes,and if we see a single theme in it your doors will be closed.
Do remive them.

Btb ur site owner who got the domain mr.Kohen.

"Telugodini mosam cheyyalevu boss "
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
Guys, seriously, who gives a flying turd.
@jordan,this guy is actually getting a turd...
this is the thead image he used : from vb

next the body bg is from here :

bro if u make theme,please dont rip off,use your work.
i will help you for sure.

I know u live in u just can meet me offline if u need help.
i can help u in teaching making themes.
Dont rip themes.
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
You're going to blame him for using a 6x6 pixel image? Who freakin' cares. It's a simple image, he didn't take the Mona Lisa.
Well jordan if be takes the same 6x6 from your pbliss 4 will u allow!!!! Just think once and no offence Smile

He really needs to learn first.
Though images are ugly if he uses his own images then we would really have appreciated Smile

Anyways he is feom my place,i too support him making themes but not ripping themes.
It not earns wrath to him but the guys from our place Smile

So we are trying to make him learn on his own Smile

Well no more abuses lets see him completed Smile
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
Taking a 6x6 image is not ripping a theme, Envira. You're telling me you've created every single tiny image you've ever used in a theme? It's the same as using Stripes from Stipemania, there's nothing wrong with sampling other's images.
well i have made maximally all images of my themes except icons.
Well its not the point to discuss here,and i dont know abt stripemania,thanks for it.

well ripping vb skin is really pathetic.all his previous skins were well this too.

todays "thead" rips will become tomorrow's "theme" rips.

some day if he creates a rip of any of ur themes,then you would not be idle like he ripped just some 6x6 images from my theme,you would file a DMCA right.

we dont want that to happen with him and this is called "primordial prevention" according to us doctors.

so i dont support your opinion regarding this,let him use his talent in making good images.

[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
sorry guys

[Image: InternetFight.gif?1293582183]
Lol glas a good one Wink
But this is all discussion,am a grt fan of Jordans work personallu.
This is not fight but just plain discussion Smile.
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]

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