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Not Solved 404 ERROR!
Not Solved
Hello, I've posted this cuaz i looked in the first two pages if someone asked this before and haven't found any.
so, my problem is on the forums no one can click on any thread. it gives this weird error : "Not Found

The requested URL /forums/forum-32.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
please and thanks Blush
Not Solved
delete the .htacess file in the forum root, and in AP set the friendly link option off.
Not Solved
so, delete forum/htaccess.txt and how to disable the friendly link option? i cant find it in admin panel.
please can you give me easier instructions?
cuaz iam not a good forum mod really.
Not Solved
ACP > Configuration > Settings > Server & Optimization Options > Friendly Redirection Pages > set to 'Off'
Not Solved
Not Solved
Could you please state what you did to fix it? For future reference.
Not Solved
if u want to have sef url you will have to know if ur hoster allows mod rewrite.
Not Solved
(2011-08-30, 12:17 AM)Shad0w Wrote: if u want to have sef url you will have to know if ur site allows mod rewrite.

You mean you need to know if your SERVER has mod_rewrite.

If you use shared hosting, contact your host for this information.
Not Solved

That would tell the user if mod_rewrite was enabled wouldn't it?
.m.  Very helpful staff member, very knowledgeable.

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