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Wanted Partners For Near Future Project
(2011-09-03, 05:38 AM)xerotic Wrote: Just a suggestion, if it is a new site and by 'mods' you mean moderators, then cut some off. You do NOT need 10 of them. I was a moderator on a very large board with hundreds of thousands of members and over 12 million posts. We only had 10-12 Staff. For a new forum, you really need nowhere near that, and it will probably only cause problems IMO.

If by 'mods' you mean plugins.. can you list theme here?

No you got it wrong mate Toungue
I am planning to buildup a new forum. I don't need "moderators" I need a partner with whom I can work with.

(2011-09-02, 04:17 PM)zephiroth Wrote: i g0t h0sting sm0oth ang fast. Pm me . Y0u can earn big if y0ur h0st is free. Domains are just cheap

I have mentioned it many times in this particular thread that I ALREADY HAVE A PAID HOSTING !!
I just need a business partner that's all !
Building up a new forum Wink

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