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Not Solved Plugin Page Error
Not Solved Sad 
today i am opend my plugin page in admin panel..i got some error..u can see in below pic..when i am closing plugin page last problem i am shocked when saw that..

[Image: c88484.jpg]

but no problem for any forum works..plz tell the solution for this problem... Sad

Not Solved
appears to be CHMOD permissions problem for the files & directories in ./inc/plugins
make sure that you have CHMOD above 0666 for all files & folders in ./inc/plugins
Not Solved
now i set 777 and all..CMOD..but no way..plz help Sad
Not Solved
^ try setting the files to 0666 in ./admin/modules/config
Not Solved
ok..its fixed now..i set all files in inc/plugin as 755..thanx for help

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