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Solved: 10 Years, 3 Months ago Adding a new button
Solved: 10 Years, 3 Months ago Photo 
Hi guys, i want to add a new button next to the Find button of members posts (image below to show what i mean)

ive made the button & have the link which will point to the users albums heres link:

<a href="member.php?action=albums&uid={$post['uid']}">{$lang->images}</a>

but not sure what part of template i need to edit to add the button image etc?

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Solved: 10 Years, 3 Months ago
Edit the postbit template.
Solved: 10 Years, 3 Months ago
Hi & thanks for quick reply Smile

ok think ive found where to put it:

<div class="author_buttons float_left">

the button ive made is just a .jpg called image but no idea what code to use to insert & link it Sad ?
Solved: 10 Years, 3 Months ago


Add afterwards:

<a href="member.php?action=albums&uid={$post['uid']}"><img src="{$theme['imglangdir']}/example.gif" alt="Example" title="Example" /></a>
Solved: 10 Years, 3 Months ago
i did this:

src="{$theme['imglangdir']}/images/image.jpg" alt="Example" title="Example" 

but my image still dont show, the link works but its just a text link named example?
sorted! ..i was puttin img in wrong location when uploading... thanks alot dude +1! Smile

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