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Not Solved [Error Message] Admin plugin page, help error
Not Solved

I need help on the admins plugin page... It gave me an error: Fatal error: Call to a member function run_hooks() on a non-object in /****/****/public_html/inc/functions.php on line 238

I've looked at it and all it says is: $plugins->run_hooks("send_mail_queue_start");

I was going to install a new mod called "stopforumspam" and I went to the plugins page and it was blank, so I disabled all plugins, went back and it gave me that error. I don't know what that means, that error. I uploaded the functions.php, so that if y'all wanted to look at it you can.

But here's my address: http://forum.t15.org/index.php
and a test account, userBig Grinemo and Pass:demo123

Thx Rhineus

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Not Solved
I'm pretty sure one of the plugins you uploaded is corrupt. I suggest you move all the plugin files from ./inc/plugins to another directory, and see if the error goes away. If it does, move the plugins back one by one until it stops working again, and the last plugin you moved back is the plugin causing the issue.
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Not Solved
It's also happening at http://forum.t15.org/admin/
-Paul H.

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Not Solved
Hello Joshua,

It was cause one of the plugins were corrupt or not installed. The resizer_class.php of the imageresizerGD plugin but the imageresizer_gd.php part of the plugin is there so . I'm wondering how it got corrupt... Anyway, do you know how to get it working? I installed it once on my webhost and it installed fine and was working. I noticed the mod section has a lot of image re-size plugins, I'm wondering which one is better, do you use a image re-size plugin? Thx Rhineus
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