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Not Solved Disallow Signatures and homepages
Not Solved
Hey there I have been getting a lot of spam recently and one way to combat could be to disallow signatures and homepage links when registering.

How can I disable both of these options please?
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
You can get "StopForumSpam" Plugin to stop spam.
Not Solved
Use this instead:

It will add a post requirement to use the homepage field and signatures, thus allowing legit users to use them.
Not Solved
hi faviouz i have activated plugin. are there any settings i have to set to make this work?
Not Solved
hey bumperoo
Not Solved
Yes. There's a new setting under User Registration and Profile Options.
Not Solved
in the latest version? if so thanks. where abouts?
by the way i never said thanks for for another forum the plugin worked so thanks.

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