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Not Solved [Installing] Errors With Installing
Not Solved
I'm setting up a MyBB forum on the domain with a free host that gave me FTP Access and everything. I uploaded the files to a directory called "forum" but I don't know what to do next. Can someone help me? Thanks and please.
Not Solved
After uploading you have to navigate to the install directory.

Be sure to FTP the files according to instructions and have your MySQL connection information ready.
Not Solved
Refer to [Wiki: Installing] (Broken link, head over to instead) for more details.
Not Solved
That link doesn't work. :/ I uploaded them. How would I make the domain work? I put the DNS already.
Not Solved
The link works. I just checked.

If you already changed the DNS, then you need to add the domain in cPanel (or whatever your web host uses), wait for the domain to propagate, and then change the board URL in MyBB's Admin CP.
Not Solved
It redirects me to this
Idk why.
Would I add it in cPanel under Addon-Domain? And also how do I set up my MySQL table? I need the coding for it and I apologize for being a noob at this.
Not Solved
Have you created a database for your forum? To create one go to MySQL database wizard in cPanel and follow the steps.
Please rep me if I helped you Smile
Not Solved
Indeed I have but I need to add the structure and columns to it and idk what to put there.
Not Solved
The database is automatically populated during the install script.
Not Solved
Well then I have the database set up and all the files are set up. The domains that can access it right now are or or but idk what to do next :/.

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