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Not Solved Editor or Code Editor?
Not Solved
Which is more easy to use: Edit or Code Edit? Are they basically the same or do they have differences? /confused
Not Solved
could you elaborate your query please ...
Not Solved
Your talking about in cPanel, right? Code Edit just shows the actual code colors while Edit is completely plaintext.
Not Solved
^ oh! it's better to not use the editors available at c-panel .. instead use a ftp account
to get the required file to a code editor (eg. notepad++ / ultraedit / notepad2) & edit ..
Not Solved
Code edit is better if you're actually gonna code in cPanel (for whatever reason), edit I use when I'm just making tiny quick changes, like adding a semicolon or changing the actual text of a field manually or something.

Code edit will actually syntax highlight.
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This has nothing to do with MyBB. If I am mistaken, and this is not about cPanel, feel free to PM me.
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