Not Solved Need Help with Google SEO Plugin 1.6.1
Not Solved
I assume I installed it right because I have received the Green Check below.
The selected plugin has been activated successfully.

In the box of Google SEO 1.6.1 plugin I see these (print screen in attachment)
What exactly do I need to do? I am hosting on Hostgator.

Whenever I click on Sitemap in plugin page, hostgator prompts error. Should i create an xml file manually or the plugin will do the job if it was installed nicely.

Thank you! Please assist
Not Solved
your forum root should have a htaccess.txt file . rename it as .htaccess (note dot before htaccess)

click on apply link given at the last line of the above referred page (plugins page on admin panel)

click on sitemap link to get the details of the sitemap .
AND use the sitemap's link for search engines

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