Not Solved Game Section Plugin
Not Solved
I've downloaded all the files for the latest version of the Game Section. But when I try to go to the Game Section, this comes up:

500 Error
An internal server error has occurred. Please try your request again momentarily.
File or directory permissions are set too high: Files should be 0644, directories 0755.
Problem with your .htaccess file.
A syntax error in a CGI script.

Im not sure if its the Hosting Company (x10hosting) or something with the files. I replaced to .htaccess file already from a new copy of MyBB. Anyone know what the problem is?
Not Solved
Make sure you uploaded all the files and that they're properly CHMOD.

If that doesn't work, then it's an issue with your web host.
Not Solved
I contacted the hosting company. Waiting for a reply.

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