[Tutorial] How to edit the mybb footer [Tutorial]
how do you edit the color of the link in the footer like i think the default is black but what if you have a very dark template because i need to make the link show up as white because it looks like powered by because the mybb link is dark and you can't see it with the background
(2011-09-07, 09:30 AM)Tyler K Wrote: Have you ever wanted to edit this?
[Image: 04ac3bfbfe384a6af2cf37c2c17fea13.png]

Please remember to somewhere keep mybb on there so you can still get support from this forums, but it just shows your users your bulletin board name, or whatever text you want there.

First you go to templates and style.
Then click "Footer Templates"
Then click expand
Then there should be a link called Footer  click footer.

Then find <div id="footer"> you should then see all the mybb group stuff and just edit it the way you want it. Remember this is free software that is better then vbulletin in my eyes so the least you can do is somwhere leave the link to mybb.

Thats why i like mybb its fully editable and not as stupid as php bb and thanks for your answer!

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