Advanced User Posting Statistics -- Revenue Sharing Mod
1. Is there a mod available that gathers user posting statistics? What I mean is that is there a mod that compares the posting activity of one user against the total user base, e.g., "User X has posted 100 threads, which represents 0.01% of all posts on this forum. In the last 7 days, this user has posted 10 times, and the average word length of each of their posts is 50 unique words, after factoring out common words."

2. Taking the information from #1, is there a mod that weighs user posting activity into an algorithm for adsense or other affiliate revenue sharing opportunities? For example, a user could specify their adsense id, their amazon id, their clickbank user name, their eBay ID, etc. Then their affiliate information is put into rotation with the frequency depending upon posting frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), unique word usage in their posts, over all post count, "thumbs up" from other forum members, etc. -- In this manner, spamming forum posts would SEEM to increase the appearance frequency of their affiliate ID, but this would be reduced when users "thumbs down" their crappy content. In addition, those members who have been active within the last 30 days would qualify to have their IDs appear, while members who haven't visited the forum in a long time would have the appearance of their IDs reduced (encourages frequent posting activity).

Thanks a lot folks!

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